If it's not wabbit season, and it's not duck season, then it must be polling season. Conservablog Hot Air reports on the results of a PPP Poll that places Sarah Palin just ahead of Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee with likely Republican voters.

It turns out, there are two kinds of Republican voters: Romney voters and Palin voters. It's going to be hard for either candidate to bridge that gap:

The Gingrich and Huckabee voters are going to be fine if someone else gets nominated. They’re pretty happy with all the other candidates. The Romney folks perhaps are a greater concern for Republicans because some of them might actually vote for Obama if a Gingrich or Palin gets nominated. The Palin folks aren’t all that big on the other candidates either- the chances of them voting for Obama seem quite slim but might they sit home or throw some of their votes to a conservative third party candidate if Romney wins the nomination?

Maybe it's time to start organizing a campaign for Democrats to register as Republicans in the primaries and vote for Sarah Palin? After all, nobody is going to mount a serious campaign against Obama on the Democratic side in the primaries (Oh, God, I hope nobody mounts a serious campaign against Obama. Democrat incumbents don't bounce back well from intra-party challenges) and so maybe it's time to for us to pull a concerted Rush Limbaugh and try to get those Romney voters over to our side by voting for Sarah Palin in the primaries.