There's a nice piece on The Awl today about the rest of the art in the Hide/Seek gay portraiture show that was censored yesterday.

Arnold Comes of Age by Grant Wood
  • Arnold Comes of Age by Grant Wood
The National Portrait Gallery seemed extremely proud of itself at the press preview. Director Sullivan joined board members and the curators for remarks, photo-ops and video. It was worth pointing out, said Sullivan, that Hide/Seek’s galleries are adjacent to a photo exhibition on the Civil Rights movement, and in fact "follow" that movement in the space and in history. The curators, David C. Ward and Jonathan Katz, called attention to the boldness and bravery of the National Portrait Gallery backing the show wholeheartedly during a time when “political winds” might have prevented it. The word brave was bandied about quite a lot.
...all of the works on display at Hide/Seek have been shown before; it’s the context that’s new, and it’s the context that makes people so uncomfortable.
...Conservative art lovers tend to love “American Gothic” by Grant Wood, but they probably don’t want to know about the artist’s homosexuality, or see the mournful starkness of “Arnold Comes of Age” on view in Hide/Seek.

Here's the excellent Sullivan Dan recommended this morning, info on the protest march that begins at 5:30 in D.C., and here's how you can make your voice heard from afar.