There's always plenty of society reporting coming out of Art Basel Miami Beach, but if you're not there, who cares? What I want to know is, what's the art look like?

Houston Chronicle critic Douglas Britt lost his Miami virginity yesterday, and he provides the perfect piece of reporting: A video with no words, just art. (And a Sangria recommendation.) The "Oy Vey" is right—this 4-minute segment is what Miami's like, but for four days straight, art just streaming by your eyeballs like a filthy river.

Other Miami dispatches I like this morning: How are sales? Why, they're "confident," not "exuberant" (oh, the parsing that goes on); a discussion that began in Basel last year about Saudi public art will continue in Miami; Metric plays for the proles and LCD Soundsystem for the Deitchian patrician class (both have video); shots of the scenes.

UPDATE: One more! Art Fag City's got a good roundup with images and voicy text.