Lately, Glenn Beck has been appearing on Bill O'Reilly's show, and I've come to enjoy these guest-spots a great deal. O'Reilly is condescending to Beck and Beck comes across as super-smug (after all, he's the one who's relevant now, which must piss former Fox golden boy O'Reilly off to no end). The sexual tension is incredible!

But O'Reilly seems to enjoy having Beck around for another reason, too: He's openly skeptical about Beck's war against George Soros, egging Beck on to make ever-more-specious connections between Soros and the news of the day. Here he is, trying to get Beck to outright claim that Soros is responsible for the WikiLeaks:

If these two were trapped in an elevator together for hours on end with no sign of rescue, a viewer can't help but speculate, they would either strangle each other to death or fuck each other to death. O'Reilly is trying to set Beck up for a huge fall here; will Beck take the bait? This is good television, right here.