Morally Impaired submitted by Adam.
  • "Morally Impaired" submitted by Adam.
Fancy yourself some kind of cocktail expert? Prove it, and win $100 cash and fame via Havana's drink menu!

Seattle Erotic Art Festival Presents: Auction Beltane! Join us May 1st for a sexy, delicious evening.
Tickets $15-$250. Aphrodesia delivery menu, incredible auction items, live streamed performances.

All you have to do is answer this question in Questionland: What's your best original cocktail?

Your answer/recipe should:

1. Be easily replicated in a bar (save the cocktails with hard-to-find ingredients or special tools for another time).
2. Have a clever name (or even a not-clever name, I suppose).
3. Include a photo (you don't have to be a photography wizard, but we want to see what the finished product looks like [garnish!]).

A panel of alcohol experts from Havana and The Stranger (Lord knows we have plenty of those) will choose finalists based on how many votes they get in Questionland, among other criteria. Then the finalists, their friends, and other boozehounds will all gather at Havana on December 14th for happy hour (nice and early at 5:30 p.m.) to try all the drinks and vote on their favorite.

A winner will be declared and not only get a $100 bill, they'll also have their drink featured on Havana's drink menu for one month. VICTORY, CASH, AND FAME!

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The deadline is Tuesday, December 7th. Hurry! Go here to enter your cocktail now!

You must be 21+ to enter Havana. You must be a Seattle resident to enter this contest. Cheers!