As I wrote last month, "the Seattle region dominates National Novel Writing Month, when writers from around the world sit down to pound out a 50,000-word novel between November 1 and 30. Nearly 120,000 people participated in National Novel Writing Month last year, and out of 550 regions worldwide, Seattle came in first in the number of words produced (as it has every year for the last four years straight)."

This year is no different: Seattle's Municipal NaNoWriMo Liason, Renda Dodge, sent out an e-mail this morning announcing the 2010 results. Seattle crushed it again:

...I'd like to remind everyone how awesome you are here in Seattle. We're #1 in all categories! We beat LA in final overall word count by 8.1 million words. We hit 10k donated (!!!) and beat NY by $2,300! And in our average words per person war with Atlanta we came in at 3,254 higher per person.

(The donations go to young writer's programs.) Great work, Seattle. There were a few contrarians who tried to rail against NaNoWriMo on the internet this year, but as far as I'm concerned, it's saintly work disguised as play. I find it immensely heartening that thousands of people in town love novels so much that they want to take them apart by hand and see how they work. That can only be a good thing for novels, for literary culture, and for Seattle.