Rampantly bought parliamentary elections leave a mess worse than a vacuum, results announced yesterday showed. Oy.

In other Afghan news: Street art in Kabul! (My only complaint about this piece is that the writer evidently has not heard the phrase pictures or it didn't happen.)

Tanks, soldiers, dollar signs, poppies, refugees, students in school, helicopters, Talibs, and question marks are assembled into equations, giving Afghans and Westerners alike a reason to stop in curious wonder and think. The 'unknown' taggers created the question, "Chand Ast?". In stencil art. Translated from Dari to English it means "How Much?" — an effort to challenge all of us about the Cost of War.

The anonymous artists are part of Combat Communications, a group of artists and musicians in Kabul that started Afghanistan's street art movement to increase awareness and inspire conversation about the cost of war. As in much street art around the world, there is a strong undercurrent of activism.