Tonight is the premiere of local director Jason Reid's feature documentary Man Zou: Beijing to Shanghai, documenting four friends' 1000-mile bicycle journey across China:

Documenting their journey with only the camera gear and clothing packed on their bikes, Team Man Zou explores the world's most populous nation without the aid of support vehicles from a vantage point just a few feet off the ground.

"Man Zou" is a common phrase in Mandarin that translates literally to "Walk Slow." By embodying the Man Zou philosophy and taking the time to learn from those they encounter along the way, the filmmakers discover an authentic side of China and its people that tourists rarely get to experience.

The film screens tonight at 10 pm on PBS as part of the Reel NW series. If you are interested in China, or bicycling, or local filmmakers, or public television, check it out. The film will also be streaming online through December.

Previously, Reid directed the compelling/infuriating eulogy Sonicsgate, about the life and death of the Seattle Supersonics. You can read my review of that film here, if you like.