It was the morning of December 1, just this past Wednesday, when a woman entered a building near 2nd Avenue South and South Jackson Street, approached a man sitting at a table, “set down a note in front of him, and then stabbed him in the neck with a pen,” according a Seattle police report. The woman then reportedly left and headed north to commit three more alleged assaults.

Walking up 2nd Avenue, the woman attacked another woman by grabbing her hair and then trying to take her purse, the report continues. At this point, a nearby parking enforcement officer—Officer Funk—got an eyeful of the havoc, and attempted to stop the encounter. But the woman reportedly "lunged at Funk and tried to grab an item on Funk's belt." A building security officer jumps in, and she turns on him, too, and slaps him in the head. Then, yet ANOTHER parking enforcement officer stepped in, who finally managed to overcome the woman and pin her to the ground.

But it’s not over! After the policeman handcuffed her, she started kicking her legs, so the police tied her legs together. The report says that the woman understood her Miranda rights, and suggests the suspect had been "using Crack and Methamphetamine in the last two days." She was booked into King County Jail and police are seeking charges for misdemeanor assault.

But what did it say on the note she handed the man in the coffee shop?