People who know me well know that I drink unholy amounts of chocolate milk. When I was a kid it was real milk, and now in my old age it's delicious Almond Breeze. If I'm ever on the lam, authorities will be able to track me by the spikes in chocolate milk sales along my route.

Another thing my friends know about me is that I enjoy adult beverages.

So I am very excited to try Adult Chocolate Milk which was obviously created with me in mind.

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While I generally prefer my adult beverages to be on the dry side (I abhor syrupy-sweet, flavored martinis or any shot that includes liqueur), I suspect I might enjoy this particular drink. I'm not above a Bailey's around the holidays.

If I am able to locate Adult Chocolate Milk I'll be sure to report back here so that the gagging can ensue. (It appears to be available in Ohio, where I will be for the holidays.)