Over at the Corner, they're not taking the news that Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is going to support DADT repeal very well. They are outraged that the Republican who won Ted Kennedy's seat—the man who was giving conservatives screaming orgasms last year—is supporting the gay agenda. In the comments section, they're going ballistic:

"“I have visited our injured troops at Walter Reed and have attended funerals of our fallen heroes,’ he added. “When a soldier answers the call to serve, and risks life or limb, it has never mattered to me whether they are gay or straight. My only concern has been whether their service and sacrifice is with pride and honor.’"

Not a peep about actually winning a battle or campaign. I suggest our lawmakers review some history books. One need not go back too far. I suggest "France 1940". The author Alistair Horne believed the seeds of France's defeat dated to 1919, not 1940. Compared to the German Wermacht, which stressed teamwork, sacrifice, and unity cohesion, the French Army overal suffered from disunity, selfishness, and a whole host of social and political pathologies. And despite having some of the finest elite military formations, better artillery, and in many cases better tanks, the French suffered a humilating and catastrophic loss (which can still be felt today).

Um, you might not want to support your anti-gay bigotry by saying our military should be more like Germany's in the early 20th century, guy. Just saying. There's more awesome Republican response over at Hot Air, too.