Super Meat Boy, the extra-cute, punishing-but-not-maddening platformer that took off on XBox Live in October and just launched on Steam and Direct2Drive, gets so much right that it's hard to avoid using words like "reinvention" to describe it, even when discussing it with people you like and respect.

And we'd leave it at that—but PETA abhors a vacuum, so they busted out with Super Tofu Boy, in which the title character must rescue Bandage Girl from her former hero. As far as PETA stunts go, this one is refreshingly non-obnoxious and fairly low-key. It's a free download for PC and Mac, and is secretly a great way to try out the mechanics of the original game for free.

It gets better*: In just about no time at all, Team Meat introduced Tofu Boy as a playable character in the PC version. This is why we love tiny indies—no VPs or PMs to say no or slow things down.

Godwin says...
  • Edmund McMillen
  • This is you, if you are delicious.

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* Not to be confused with the beloved video series.

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