John Cole reacting to Paul Krugman's column that I linked to earlier today:

I honestly don’t know what they are doing. I thought it was absurd all the hand-wringing right out of the gate in 2009, but it has been two years now. We’ve seen nothing but capitulation from the Dems and the WH, and the Republicans are being rewarded for their behavior. What are they doing? What are they thinking?

Is there honestly not one advisor in the WH who has Obama’s ear who hates the Republicans? Because that is what we need. Someone in there who hates the Republicans with the burning intensity of a million suns. No more playing nice. That didn’t work the last two years. Start fighting back. Stop trying to find common ground and start heightening the contradictions.

Meanwhile, as this extremely important battle over domestic policy is being waged, the President is… in Afghanistan.

Ever watch a video of a mouse in a tank with a snake? It's horrible because everyone knows what's about to happen except the mouse and you can't help but root for the mouse and then you feel like a complete fool when the inevitable happens.

I get the same feeling watch Dems dink around in a tank with Republicans.