As I look forward to Monday night’s next week's press screening of Disney’s new multi-million dollar 3-D CGI-overload Tron sequel, there is at least one “special” effect I’m really dreading having to watch: the rubbery, digitally de-aged Jeff Bridges as “Clu,” the film’s antagonist.

At the “Tron Night” event, the footage I saw of Clu was not only unconvincing, but unsettling. (Clu has at least one timeshare in the Uncanny Valley.) It would be one thing if Disney and Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski were saving this effect for the villainous Clu alone—projecting rancor towards a plasticky, pixilated mug is easy and sort of liberating—but, as glimpsed in trailers, they’re also de-aging Bridges for a tender flashback sequence featuring Bridges’ other character Flynn (protagonist of the original Tron) and his son, Sam (protagonist of the sequel).

It’s only a little bit validating that Kosinski recently copped to the obvious, unconvincing artifice of the Clu effect. Via io9, via Vulture:

“I feel like ... um, honestly I feel like Clu, I don't think he's at 100 percent in 100 percent of the shots. But I feel like there's a couple glimpses in there, especially during Clu's speech in the Rectifier, [that] I'm really happy with. For a moment, you buy this thing as a real character, which to me is exciting. I just don't think that's been done before.”

In marginally related news, there’s a solid editorial up on Badass Digest about the recent (unrelated) murder and suicide in Disney’s faux-township “Celebration,” itself sort of a half-baked facsimile of old Walt’s original, terrifying plan for EPCOT (the article’s author, Devin Faraci, pretty much nails his description of Disney’s freaky EPCOT plot: “cryptofascist city of the future”). I’m also baffled by descriptions of Celebration’s pervasive fakeness.

“During October fake fall leaves fall from trees at designated hours. At Christmas time fake snow comes from light posts. It’s a masterpiece of bizarre artifice, like the forced smile of the Disney theme parks.”

Read the full article here. Bitch about my bitching about Tron: Legacy in the comments.