Urban Craft Uprising was a madhouse Saturday morning. The line stretched outside the Exhibition Hall, up past McCaw Hall, and almost all the way back to the International Fountain before doors even opened at 11 am. MADHOUSE.

But if you have a chance to stop by today, you still should. This weekend's UCU is really well curated. Sometimes these events (not specifically UCU, but Etsy-fied and "urban" craft fairs in generall) have too much jewelery or too many things for babies or a whole lot of art or felt animals that all look the same. Totally not the case this time around. It's a near-perfect mix of all kinds of things for all kinds of ages and price ranges. Art, toys, jewelery, pet accessories and treats, clothes (for kids, men, and women), t-shirts, stationary, soap, dishes—all handmade, all local.

Also: FOOD! I've always wondered why there haven't been more food vendors at UCU, what with all the local bakers and treat makers on Etsy and such. This time UCU has a strip of delicious treats that includes everything from This Charming Candy (delicious and cute handmade lollipops made by Smiths fans) to Sweet Dahlia Baking (pies, cookies, and other pastries) to Tweet Toffee (eggnog toffee!).

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All the great usual suspects were there—Slow Loris, Cakespy, Moxie, Matthew Porter, etc.—but one of my favorite vendors was a new one for me, Jolby & Friends from Portland, Oregon. They have really great kid-friendly (but not kid-required) illustrations of monsters and owls and birds and other funny characters for really affordable prices. I got this one to hang in my bathroom. And they also recently self-published their first kids book, which I bought for my two-year-old nephew (shhh, don't tell him).

UCU happens today at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall from 11 am-5 pm. Admission is free (though they do ask for a $1 donation). GO! You can buy all your presents in one afternoon and support local artists and crafters while you're at it.