How many times have you said to yourself, 'OWWW! MY GODDAMN CAT JUST BIT THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!" Probably too many to mention, right? That's why "Cat Muzzle" is the perfect X-mas prezzie for that naughty Mr. Whiskers. And check out all of "Cat Muzzle's" great features:

1) Strong and comfortable. (Make sure you know Mr. Whisker's safe word!)
2) Covers eyes for a calming effect. (A blind cat is a calm cat.)
3) Quick fit strap. (Good, because... OWWW! The little asshole just bit me again!)
4) Machine washable. (Sometimes blood stains are hard to get out.)
5) Used by professionals. (Umm... hmmm.)
6) Ideal when grooming. (Coming soon... the "Cat Rack"!)