A shark mauled to death a German woman tourist snorkelling off Sharm el-Sheikh on Sunday, in the third shark attack in Egypt's popular Red Sea resort in a week, local officials said.
Mohammed Salem, director of South Sinai Conservation, said the woman died after a shark attacked her in Naama Bay, only one day after Sharm el-Sheikh reopened its beaches following two other attacks in which Russians were mauled.

Government conservation experts said on Friday they captured two sharks, an oceanic whitetip and a mako, which they believed had mauled two Russian women swimmers last Tuesday and Wednesday.

...The resort's mayor, Gamal al-Mahdi, told AFP the beaches were reopened after authorities deemed there was no further threat off the coast, which attracts between three and four million tourists a year.
However, an Egyptian NGO warned on Saturday that at least one of the sharks thought to be behind the attacks was still at large.

We should not treat these sharks as criminals. Sharks have every right to eat humans. A shark must not be punished for being what it is and has been for millions of years. When you go in the waters of the bay, you have entered its domain. It's time to play by its rules. Your hands (the human masterpiece) or its mouth (the shark masterpiece). Which of the two will win?