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Okay, I know I already posted about this last week, but the outpouring of rage regarding Charles Mudede's Marxist reading of Toy Story 3 just keeps getting more entertaining. Just today, commenter Knat posted:

"None of the toys have [collector's value]." THREE of the toys have collector's value: Jessie, Bullseye, and especially Woody. Did you never watch Toy Story 2? It was the entire plot! Jessie and Bullseye are part of Woody's franchise, which is a collection that one of the "villains" of the film is going to sell to a Japanese toy museum.

"Lotso...was accidentally lost or abandoned or something like that." This segment of the film is even NARRATED, so you don't need to interpret anything. The viewer is plainly TOLD that Lotso was inadvertently left behind on a family outing. Again, were you not even watching the film?

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I completely agree with cubbybear @32: This is what happens when you read Marxist literature.

(Read the other 33 comments here.) Charles, you knave!!! Will you never face your opponents and respond to these charges!?