Next Stop: The Supreme Court: Prop 8 goes to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Hometown Triumph: Huskies win their way to the Holiday Bowl, Seahawks score a last-minute win over the Carolina Panthers.

Bigmouth Strikes Again: Disgraced veteran journalist Helen Thomas suffers blowback from second anti-Semitic outburst of the year.

According to WikiLeaks: U.S. used spying, threats, and promises of aid to secure support for Copenhagen accord, Saudi Arabia is a virtual ATM for terror groups.

Fat-Burning Exercise: Firefighters battle two-alarm fire at Tukwila rendering plant.

Ballard Cab Mishap: Man jumps on moving cab, falls off, suffers serious head injury. (According to cops, the cab never tried to stop or even slow down, and the hit-and-run taxi driver is now being sought by police.)

Take My Wang, Please: Teacher convicted of sexual assault asks to be castrated.

Because Drunks Are Easier to Feel Up?: Airports increase access to alcohol.

Finally, happy birthday to Peter Buck, the one and only guitarist of the one and only REM, who was born on this day in 1956. Here he is when he was just a baby making new wavers dance. I love this song.