Oprah Winfrey's next book club pick will be two books: A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations. (These books will be combined into a special Oprah edition, but they're available for free everywhere; if you own a cell phone and you don't mind e-books, you shouldn't bother buying a copy.)

For some reason, I've never been fond of A Tale of Two Cities—it's the only Dickens I don't really like—but I wrote about the pleasures of Great Expectations last month in the book section. Between Oprah's nod and Google automatically giving everyone with a Google account a copy of Great Expectations in their new eBookstore, I hope tons of new readers will discover the book's ornate and occasionally soap operatic pleasures in 2011.

Please note that while I ran the trailer of the 1946 adaptation of Great Expectations to illustrate this post, You should read the book first. But the movie is pretty entertaining; you should watch it after you read the book. (Ignore the Ethan Hawke remake, please.)