Every Monday and Thursday for the past year, the bearded Gunn has arrived at 6 a.m. to prime the camper's engine with unmarked bottles of chemicals. The engine sputters, puffs of smoke fill the air, and an ungodly noise draws residents to their windows.

Gunn himself blamed New Yorkers for the state of the camper, saying it's been targeted by vandals because of its out-of-state, Colorado plates.

On the one hand, as the New Yorker who forwarded me the link to the story said, "I know that when I see out-of-state plates I immediately gather a bunch of trash and try to stuff it INSIDE THE ENGINE." On the other hand, what foul play is beyond the owner of a $15-million Greek Revival townhouse who wants a crazy purple-fleece-behatted hoarder off his stoop?