Teabaggers are promoting former Michigan GOP head Saul Anuzis as Michael Steele's replacement as RNC Chairman. There's a website ("Tackling the Fundamentals") promoting him for the job over here.

When Anuzis was last up for the job of RNC Chair, Gay Rights did some digging and found out that he has a surprisingly strong anti-gay record, even for a Republican:

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Did Anuzis defend the reputation of a Michigan State University student, Kyle Bristow, who brought a Canadian Nazi to speak on campus, and frequently ridiculed members of Michigan State's LGBT community online, calling them "freaks" "scum" and "savages"? Yes.

And Crooks and Liars thinks he has a tendency to support fascists. All of which is to say: He looks like about as mainstream Republican as they come. He's been a Republican stalwart for ages, and he can't really boast any Teabaggy outsider-ness. This is a continuation of the Tea Party's reassembling with the Republican Party. But at least he isn't black, right, Teabaggers?