• David Belisle

Strangercrombie, our annual charity auction, started exactly one minute ago. If you go to our main Strangercrombie page, you can search through all of the packages that are up for bid. (And! Our handy catalog is hitting the streets even as you read this.)

Strangercrombie bidding will last for exactly one week—the auctions come to an end at 5 pm on Wednesday, December 15th (make a note of it—a member of our staff who may or may not have been high on paint thinners at the time inserted the wrong closing date in the print edition). Packages include: Drinks with Mayor McGinn; Tao Lin will edit your 3,000- to 6,500-word short story into a 200- to 500-word short story; an epic Dungeons & Dragons game hosted by someone who may be the sexiest Dungeon Master in the world; and a boozy party for 10 at The Saint! Plus dozens more!

Go! Bid! Buy! Or if the rough-and-tumble world of eBay gives you hives, you can also donate to help this year's Strangercrombie charities. It helps two great causes, in a year that has definitely been uncharitable to charities.

Prime your bidding fingers and get down to it!

Strangercrombie: Once a year, we do something good™.

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