Meet Penny Starr, the right-wing talking head who wrote the email that took down the Smithsonian. Here is the back story on how the National Portrait Gallery shut down a video under "pressure" from people who before Starr's email had never heard of the art, and after it still had never seen the art.

...So Bozell’s team cherrypicked the offense, manufactured the outrage, and then directed the response. The response was huge: Sullivan said the National Portrait Gallery had never heard such an outcry. But he also acknowledged it was likely that none of the plaintiffs had in fact seen and been scandalized by the artwork in person.

The Smithsonian not only bit on the outrage, but it also accepted that the outrage was organic. “One of the exhibition’s 105 works—a short segment in a four-minute video created as a complex metaphor for AIDS—was perceived by some to be anti-Christian,” said a brief statement released by the Smithsonian on Monday. “It generated a strong response from the public.”

Ah, the "public."