Seattle Times:

According to Nick Metz, deputy chief of operations for the Police Department, somebody called 911 at about 10 p.m. to say there was a man on the west side of Third Avenue who had displayed a firearm.

A two-officer car arrived on the scene, saw the man and asked him what had happened, Metz said. The man was uncooperative and evasive and tried to walk away, Metz said, so the officers tried to corner him.

One of the officers got out a Taser and tried to use it. It is uncertain whether the man was actually tazed, but Metz said when the officer made the attempt, the man lifted his shirt and began to reach into his pants and appeared to be getting out a gun.

The officer then grabbed his own gun and fired one shot, hitting the man in the torso, Metz said.

The whole business, which practically happened under my window (I was reading at the time and noticed nothing), looks sad and messy.