Here's the video of the National Portrait Gallery director Martin Sullivan telling an interviewer that the Wojnarowicz piece was removed in part because it is "off topic" for the show. Wha?

To make yourself feel better after that weird discussion, here's an amazing interview this morning on MAN, with show curators Jonathan Katz and David Ward. Katz says:

When all of this started to go down, I was a little bit worried about the prospects of the next exhibit I’m doing, which is Art/AIDS/America at the Tacoma Art Museum. A lot of other museums are considering participating in 2014 or 2015. The director of the Tacoma Art Museum sent me an email saying, ‘Clearly, lest there be any doubt, we’re in no way shaken in our commitment to your exhibition.’”

TAM is also reportedly considering showing a Wojnarowicz work in solidarity with other protests around the nation, including a viewing and conversation of the video this Friday at the Hedreen Gallery at Seattle U, from 12 to 1:30.

Another thing revealed in the Ward/Katz interview is that the "offending" artwork may go back on view in some form. And there's much more, about what the role of a museum should be, about the irony of showing a work in order to condemn it, etc etc. You'll be glad you read the whole thing.