• David Belisle
Alert! Strangercrombie starts today at 5 pm.

As you prepare for our annual catalog to hit the streets (I think we've out-smutted ourselves this time), I would like to urge you to follow Strangercrombie on Twitter. For the coming week, we'll be posting all the good bargains, hot deals, and elf pornography on our Twitter feed to keep you up-to-date on the auction.

Those who follow Strangercrombie on Twitter will be eligible for fabulous bonus gifts, including Stranger t-shirts and a special vintage deck of Stranger-themed playing cards. And we have just heard from angels in heaven who assure us that following Strangercrombie on Twitter will ensure you better seating for the annual mud-wrestling championships that take place in the afterlife*. So go! Follow! Retweet!

Strangercrombie: Once a year, we do something good™.

* There probably isn't an afterlife.