The Henry Art Gallery has requested a copy of the "offending" David Wojnarowicz video and will be showing it soon, followed by some kind of public talk.

The Hedreen Gallery at Seattle University will be screening the film continuously this Friday from 12 to 1:30 pm, with an ongoing discussion with a guest moderator TBA, "in an act of solidarity and protest."

The Frye and Seattle Art Museum are still working on their responses; I'll stay on the details.

Here's a piece (thanks, Eric F!) about what the godless can learn from religious art, including this:

...even the apparently iconoclastic “Piss Christ” could be read, just as easily, as a devotional image by an artist who grew up in an environment steeped in Catholicism. What better way to meditate on the torments and degradation of Christ than to see his form submerged in urine?