Last Night in Seattle: Another man shot by cops (he was asking for it), another female jogger attacked in a park (she was not). Both events were non-fatal.

Postponed: The trial of acid-hoax ringmistress Bethany Storro (whose face is reportedly "still bright red and scarred from drain cleaner burns.")

In Better News: Local aerospace companies can't find employees fast enough.

Screw You, Nobel: China to award its own peace prize.

Operation Payback: WikiLeaks avengers claim hit on MasterCard website.

Too Fat to Fight?: U.S. soldiers turn to diet pills, liposuction to meet weight standards.

Cleared for Take-Down?: State psychiatrist testifies that alleged South Park rapist/murderer Isaiah Kalebu is mentally competent to stand trial. (Judge's ruling on the matter due soon.)

Unringing the Bell: State orders Columbia City Cinema to stop stock sales.

Peace and Cholera: "A contingent of U.N. peacekeepers is the likely source of a cholera outbreak in Haiti that has killed at least 2,000 people," reports the Associated Press.

Also, today will be awash in remembrances of John Lennon, who was murdered on this day in 1980. I love John Lennon as much as anyone (swoon!), except maybe Yoko Ono, who watched the murder of her husband happen and lives on, awesomely. In honor of the day, here's this.