Newt Gingrich decided yesterday to use the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor to sell his books. Here is a Twitter post he wrote:

The 69th anniversary of the japanese attack is a good time to remind folks of our novels pearl harbor and days of infamy newt.

The post was later deleted. But the language is really fucking weird. You almost immediately want to blame the ghost writer (someday in the next five years, a politician's Twitter ghost writer is going to write a tell-all book—maybe in 140-character chunks—and it's going to be fucking delicious) but with the signature at the end, it looks almost like an internal memo to a Twitter ghost writer that somehow got posted publicly. And "our novels" is a bit strange, too, isn't it? It's almost as though Newt Gingrich is using Twitter for its proper, original purpose—a quick, uncensored peek inside the brain of the user—for once in his life.

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