It's the most wonderful time of the year—Strangercrombie time! And there's tons of really rad shit to bid on and all the money goes to two really great charities.

Fannie: The Music and Life of Fannie Lou Hamer: Jan 13-Feb 14 at Bagley Wright Theatre
Part theater, part revival, and all power, this one-woman show will have your head nodding and hands clapping!

What kind of items are there? Well, you can see it all right here! Overwhelmed by all the options? Understandable. Here are a few of my personal recommendations:

1). A Bear painting on a window by Derek Erdman. If you haven't noticed, we here at The Stranger fucking love Derek Erdman. Since moving to Seattle only a month or so ago, the man has already done covers and illustrated great features for the paper, as well as started a new column on Line Out. He's brilliant and hardworking and hilarious! And now you can own your very own work of Erdman art in the form of a bear! On a window! Magic!

2. Full Tilt Ice Cream parties. Full Tilt Ice Cream is not only very delicious, but they also have beer and pinball—the perfect place for a party! This Full-Tilt party package will not only give you enough beer and ice cream for you and nine of your friends, but you'll also get to customize the ice cream flavor! YOU WILL BE AN ICE CREAM GOD. (You can get a kids' birthday party, too, sans beer.)

3. Cupcakes, brownies, and cupcake paintings! Okay, I'm totally biased here. This package includes Bake It in a Cake cupcakes made by me. Three dozen, in fact, and they can be filled with whatever you want them to be filled with—pumpkin pie, peppermint Hershey Kisses, baklava... endless possibilities (see some examples here). But that's not all you'll get if you win this auction. You'll also get a "custom portrait of anthropomorphic cupcakes" painted by the CakeSpy herself, Jessie Oleson, and a year's-worth of brownies baked by Emily Bader (delivered to your house once every three months for one year, you choose the flavors!). YUM!

Should you be above material things like bear paintings and cupcakes, you can still do good by donating some money to the charities via our Strangercrombie PayPal account. Your dollars will go to two hard-working and local organizations.

Strangercrombie: Once a year, we do something good™.