A transgender woman on Thursday filed a claim against the California Department of Motor Vehicles, saying the clerk who handled her application for a new driver's license sent her a letter at home calling her gender change a "very evil decision" that would condemn her to hell.

Amber Yust, 23, said the clerk at the department's San Francisco office processed her application for a license with her female name in October. She received the letter addressed to her old name, David, four days later. It identified the writer as the person who processed Yust's application.

"Although I helped you with the name change, I have to say I do not support the reason for it," says the letter, signed with only a first name and typed on plain paper. "I also do not believe the state's recognition of it—through official documents—makes it legitimate or any less evil."

The Christian haters are gonna insist that any attempt to discipline this DMV clerk—this piece of shit should be fired—would constitute an attack on his religious freedom, on the 1st Amendment, on Christianity, on the baby Jesus right before his birthday, etc., etc. Just like they want pharmacists to have the right to deny you access to medications that they disapprove of, the religious haters will argue that this piece of shit has a God-given right to send hate mail to women who just wanna get their fucking drivers licenses.

Oh, and...

Yust's lawyer, Chris Dolan, said he and staff members at the nonprofit Transgender Law Center in San Francisco think the worker who wrote Yust is a DMV clerk who was disciplined last year for allegedly telling another transgender woman that he did not want to help her and "God will send you to hell."

Fire the motherfucker already.