Writing on the website of the National Review, Dennis Prager confronts the moral decay on show at the Grammys:

Nor is the nomination of “F*** You” as Song of the Year an aberration. Two of the other four nominees are rap “songs” whose lyrics are also vile.

SCARE QUOTES? Oh no he di'n't!

The third nominee is an ode to New York City, “Empire State of Mind,” performed by black rapper Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, and which also contains the N-word. It is worth recalling that when white radio-show host Laura Schlesinger used this word solely in order to condemn its use in inner-city black life, society’s elite poured such wrath on her that it forced many of her sponsors to abandon her, and she decided to leave radio. But when Jay-Z uses it, he is rewarded with the nomination for the highest award in the music industry.

Even if one didn't find Schlesinger's own use of the epithet clueless and offensive (which it was), how is it insidious hypocrisy (rather than perfect consistency) that she was publicly censured for saying black people shouldn't use it while Jay-Z (a "black rapper," mind you!) was not similarly censured for usi—ARGH! I will not be drawn in by a Master Troll of the Culture Wars. (Except in writing this post.) Go read white pundit D-Pray's whole silly column.