Yes, the French Foreign Legion has an online gift shop! (Found while looking for their official magazine, Kepi blanc. Recent editor's note: "LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND").

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Cliquez ici!
  • Cliquez ici!

Delightful gift ideas abound, after the jump.

You'll have to sign up for a five-year hitch if you want to change your name and avoid paying child support, but you can, for €6, purchase the official wine of the legion: Esprit de Corps Rouge. Honor those who are "sons of France not by blood received but by blood spilled"! Actually, there are several Légion étrangère wines to choose from (and quite a bit of rosé for such a macho lot). And, in another section all on its lonesome, sparkling wine.

This label disturbs me greatly.
  • This label disturbs me greatly.

And for all that wine, you will need wine glasses. And fussy wine tools.

The Foreign Legion has gifts for everyone on your list! For that creepy uncle who has never been able to find a pipe commensurate with his creepiness! For your bolo-tie-wearin' cousin Tex! (In French: "cravate américane"—love it!) For soccer fans!


Miss the simple, wholesome days of Gulf War I? Buy the Desert Storm T-shirt! And don't forget a "sweet shirt" for Dad! (Ah, foreigners. Some don't know English very well!) These three belts (1, 2, 3) are pretty snazzy, actually. (Hint, hint.)

CD of Foreign Legion songs! And songbook! A fine selection of ceramics!

And there are some small, possibly vaguely racist gnomes (lo-res, and it's a heterogenous volunteer force, and it's impossible to tell with the French), in porcelain and metal.

Finally, a tiny monument to the dead, for €80:


Happy shopping!