You cannot get this guy on the left:

  • David Belisle and Kelly O

I've tethered him to my desk and he's mine now.

But the bounty of Scrangercrombie has so much to offer that hasn't been tied down. You can bid on and purchase—to help Childhaven and Downtown Emergency Service Center—the cover of the paper. It's all yours, you get to decide what people see on buses (within legal limits) right over here. Or you can buy a story in The Stranger's news section.

Or, or, or! If those sound too nice, you can post on Slog for a week (emotionally fragile types may want to skip this one). You could have a pizza party at Big Mario's with socialite Dave Meinert and King County executive Dow Constantine. Or get drinks with Mayor Mike McGinn.

BUT THIS IS THE BEST ONE: An 80-minute mix tape just for you by DJ Riz. Holy fucking shit.