Waterworld: The National Weather Service tells us to expect a lot of rain. And we are in fact under flood watch. Seattleites glance out the window and think: well done, boys, well done.

A fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou not be ... maybe: Seattle police are rethinking the policy of "banishing" people from public and private property if they've been caught loitering or involved in suspected criminal activity.

Have a hole-y Christmas: the deep bore tunnel isn't the only immense hole we have to worry about - our annual state budget shortfall was just bumped up by $90 million.

IMMORTALITY! TAKE IT! IT'S YOURS!: MOHAI doesn't want you to pass into oblivion - the latest project of MOHAI is "Puget Sound stories." And okay, I will finally make the trek over there.

Old man orgasms: Paul will now be in charge of tracking the Fed. My friend Matt Luby is probably rejoicing.

NO! I live yet!: former CIA analyst Ray McGovern declares the "fourth estate" dead. Fire your mortician, man! I'm kicking!

"But it's a real PRETTY paragraph...": Cancun climate talk ministers have agreed on "just one paragraph of text." The sane start going outside and enthusiastically joining apocalyptic Christian sign-wavers.