Over the weekend, Scandanavian author Anne B. Ragde gave an interview about why she doesn't allow her books to be published in nations that are known for book piracy. "Piracy scares the hell out of me...I lose sleep at night over it,” she said. “I have figured out that I’ve lost half a million kronor ($72,500) on piracy of my books, maybe more.”

Problem is, as the interview went on...well, you can probably guess:

“Pirated handbags? Yes, I do buy them,” she said. “I feel that the genuine Prada bags have such an inflated price.”

And then her own son chimed in:

“You have a pirated MP3 collection,” Jo added, helpfully. “We copied the first 1500 songs from one place and 300 from another.”

“Yes,” admitted Ragbe. “There were a lot of things on the iPod.”

The author is now blaming her son for the MP3 piracy, adding to her Dignity Collection. Read the whole post at TorrentFreak.