The King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office has filed charges against a Highline School District athletic stadium manager who, according to charging documents, was operating as a fake doctor. Jayson W. Boehm faces charges of forgery and practicing medicine without a license for allegedly performing testicle physical examinations on 26 male students and injecting three athletes with unknown medications, and for allegedly stamping the name of a retired Tacoma doctor on students' physical-exam forms.

Via the Seattle Times:

A student football player, who suffered a concussion in a 2009 game, was told by his coach to see Boehm before returning to practice, charging papers say. The player said "the exam consisted of Boehm telling him to lower his pants and underwear, then Boehm examined his testicles," the papers say.

Boehm "did not examine any other parts of his body," and a few days later Boehm again examined the boy's testicles, according to charging documents.

Boehm was dismissed by the school district last spring.