In the book section this week, I take a look at the moribund state of film criticism*, and find a glimmer of hope:

Soft Skull Press just released the first two volumes of its new Deep Focus series of book-length essays about movies (one has to assume they were heavily influenced by Continuum's 33 1/3 series about great albums), and it's off to a promising start. The two books—first is Jonathan Lethem on John Carpenter's They Live, second is Christopher Sorrentino on Death Wish—make a case for good old-fashioned thinking and writing at length about movies.

Unsurprisingly, Lethem's book is the better of the two....

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* Incidentally: One of my favorite pieces of film criticism in the last five years? Lindy West's Sex and the City 2 review. It engages in a dialogue with the movie in the same way Lethem engages with They Live. If you liked that review, you'll like this book.