Don't get us wrong—we love putting together our skanky, sexy photo shoots and giving away boozy, sexy packages to our readers every Strangercrombie. But we should all take a moment and look at this adorable little kid to the left here. This kid is why we do Strangercrombie. He's a poster child for Childhaven, one of our two Strangercrombie charities this year, which means that at some point in his recent past (and all he has is a recent past) this boy suffered some kind of abuse and neglect. Think about that.

Then think about what Childhaven does. It takes children who have often only known a world of cruelty and it offers them kindness and teaches them that violence and neglect isn't the only way. When I wrote Childhaven up for the paper, I saw that in action. Imagine a roomful of babies who are being shown that they have every right to be loved. A roomful of children who, in a very methodical, intentional way, are being taught that abuse and neglect is not all this world has to give them.

Childhaven does more than that. They teach parents who have hurt or ignored their children—parents who themselves were likely adorable children who were abused or neglected—how to break that cycle. Nobody sets out to become a bad parent, but we can only raise children with the skills and experiences that we have. Childhaven does important work by teaching these parents a new way to love their children.

That—not the sleazy sexy pictures, not the cool celebrity dinners and swag—is why it's important that you give to Strangercrombie this year. That's why, if you don't have enough cash to win an auction, you should give what you can to the PayPal button on our Strangercrombie page. Because when you give to Childhaven, you're not just helping that beautiful child up there to the left. You're ensuring that future generations of beautiful children never have to experience the pain that this child did.

Strangercrombie: Once a year we do something good™.