Who knew? Each year, the Olympia law firm Morgan Hill produces its own "in-house satirical take on the legal world of Olympia and sometimes beyond," and it's very popular in legal circles. But not so popular in the Thurston County Jail this year!

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Apparently, a jail guard down there came across a copy of the satirical newsletter (available here) and complained that the firm was perpetuating racist stereotypes with its fake report on Justice Richard B. Sanders's plans to open a KFC in order to "make amends with the state's African Americans" after his racially insensitive remarks.

Now there's an apology, a disclaimer, and accusations of "horrible taste."

Here's the opening of the article:

Outgoing Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders say the racially charged comments that may have cost him his re-election were misconstrued, and he says he intends to make amends with the state's African Americans by opening up a KFC Franchise in Lacey when his term ends this month.

"I never said that Black people are pre-disposed to commit crimes," Sanders says. "I just said that in fact, they do commit more crimes." Similarly, Sanders says, while African-Americans are not "genetically inclined" toward eating a lot of fried chicken, "they do in fact eat a lot of fried chicken."

Here's the fake article (click to enlarge):


And here's the question: