In Case You Missed It: Stem-cell treatment seems to cure Berlin man of HIV, Officer Shandy Cobane won't face criminal charges for stepping on a police suspect and threatening to "beat the Mexican piss" out of him, and no, the light-rail tunnels are not the same as the deep-bore tunnel.

Deadly Weather in WA: "A woman is dead after a tree fell on her house after wind, rain and thunder swept across the already saturated Puget Sound region, bringing down trees and knocking out power to thousands," reports KIRO.

Birther Bullshit: Army doctor Terry Lakin refuses deployment to Afghanistan, says he won't take orders from allegedly foreign-born president/commander in chief.

Today in WiliLeaks: Air Force blocks access to websites publishing leaked cables.

iSnitch?: "A new iPhone App with the misleading name ‘PatriotApp’ attempts to draw on the power of the patriot movement, turning smartphone users into a gigantic snitch network," reports

Meanwhile in Iran: Suicide bombing kills dozens and Iranian authorities blame the U.S.; Iranian authorities slammed by Human Rights Watch for harassing and executing gays.

Tireless: Rep. Jim McDermott's vocal opposition to the tax deal.

?!: Child-sized foot washes ashore in Tacoma.

??!!: Redmond woman charged with raping 5-year-old boy.

???!!!: Canadian kills father with crossbow in public library.

In Better News: Gold-plated American badass Roger Ebert will return to television, reviewing movies with a computerized voice.

Finally, happy birthday to Jake, my boyfriend/partner/California husband, whom I will honor with video of his favorite person he's not related to.