Because tomorrow is the annual Slog Happy gift exchange and the last Slog Happy of the year! (And we won't be having another Slog Happy until February, so come and get in all your SH debauchery while you can!)

There will be vintage cartoons (the She-Ra and He-Man Christmas special!), holiday mimosas (only $5 a pop!), cheap pizza (they're knocking $3 off every pie), $1 popcorn, stuffed cupcakes, and, of course, the Slog Happy Gift Exchange!

To participate, you just need a present—it's white elephant style, so you can re-gift something you don't want anymore. Just wrap it up and bring it to Central Cinema tomorrow at 6 pm. We'll start the gift exchange around 6:30 pm, so we're sure to give everyone a chance to open their presents and trade (should they want to do that).

Hope to see you tomorrow!

(If you don't come, I'll probably be really sad and eat all the cupcakes myself, further burying me in a hole of guilt and sadness, and then I'll have to keep my own white elephant gift, which is actually kind of neat, but that's not the point because I got it specifically to give to someone else. DO YOU WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!?)