Strangercrombie 2010 ends in 9 HOURS. You have until 5 pm TODAY to get in on this shit, dudes!

New musical premieres in West Seattle Junction - WE'VE BATTLED MONSTERS BEFORE
ArtsWest reopens with a heartwarming tale of family strength. Watch in-person or online until Dec 26


For all you wine and cheese lovers, how about a wine and cheese party thrown in your own home for you and nine of your friends! Sheri LaVigne of the Calf & Kid and Peter Moore of Poco Wine Room will come to your house and serve you up the tasting party of a lifetime. Delicious! And it's sure to buy you a few friends, too!

For all you lady lovers, the Burning Heart Burlesque is waiting to give you a night filled with gorgeous women! You and nine of your friends will receive VIP treatment for the BHB show at Motor (shows every third Thursday), and to top of off, you'll also get some surprised gifts. SURPRISE GIFTS! Bid now!

And NOTHING can beat the feeling you'll get when you hear a song that's written all about you. Two local bands have stepped up and offered their services this year—Pillow Army and Exohoxo will write an original song for the winner of their respective auctions about whatever the winner (YOU!) chooses!

Remember: All proceeds are going straight to two really great charities—Childhaven and Downtown Emergency Service Center (you can read The Stranger's profile of these organizations here).

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The auction ends today! At 5 pm! GO! BID! BUY!

Strangercrombie: Once a year we do something good™.

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