Some let-freedom-ring-in-the-21st-century shit:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange walked free from the high court in London Thursday and vowed to continue releasing classified documents.

A British judge released Assange on bail, after rejecting an appeal of the release from prosecutors in Sweden, where he is wanted on rape allegations.

My friend wrote this to me yesterday:

The Assange case is turning out to be our Dreyfus affair. The
parallels are striking: the charge of treason, the leaked
documents,the unconscionable scapegoating by the whole concerted
establishment, and the stunned outrage on behalf of his supporters.
There has even been a headlined article by Naomi Klein, J'accuse
I'm still thinking about this intriguing comparison and its consequences. Would the Proust of our moment dedicate a long part of his/her work to Assange?