Hey! Film fans! Our own esteemed Andrew Wright will be discussing his favorite films of 2010 at the Frye tonight, along with other smartypants local critics:

Did Inception make you dream?
Did The Social Network "Friend" you?
Did Winter's Bone provide a chill?

Sort through 2010's best and worst movies with the sixth annual meeting of Seattle's most eloquent film critics. Frye Magic Lantern curator Robert Horton (The Herald, KUOW) moderates a panel including Jim Emerson (scanners.com), Kathleen Murphy (MSN.com), and Andrew Wright (The Stranger). With select film clips.

I asked Wright for a pithy comment, but he replied that he is saving up his pith for the panel tonight. He did, however, let me (and you!) in on a sneak peek at his top three movies of the year: A Prophet, Inception, and True Grit. Go to the Frye to hear why.

The panel begins at 7 pm. More information here.