On the Senate floor just now, Majority Leader Harry Reid announced the Senate will begin to vote as soon as Saturday on a bill to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell. That puts it ahead of the START treaty, as proponents of repeal had requested. "We've got to move this all along," Reid said from the floor.

Reid is also filing cloture on the DREAM Act. That means both bills should come up for a procedural vote on Saturday. The vote on the DREAM Act will come first, followed by the vote on DADT. The cloture vote to break the filibuster on the DREAM Act is expected to fail. Next will come a cloture vote on DADT. "If DREAM gets 60 to end debate then we would have final passage Sunday," a Reid aide told TPM. "If DREAM fails, but DADT gets 60 then it's the same case—final vote Sunday."