If you want to see something gorgeous, something just beautiful, something full, something that wraps itself around space for no good reason other than it is art, damnit, visit James Harris Gallery today.

Maki Tamura at James Harris
  • Maki Tamura at James Harris
Alwyn O'Brien recently graduated from the University of Washington, and Harris was smart enough to snap her up. Only a few of her small sculptures are on display now, but you could lose yourself in a single one.

Alwyn OBriens The Story of Looking at JH
  • Alwyn O'Brien's The Story of Looking at JH
Maki Tamura, also a Seattle artist, has turned the gallery into a wildly blooming garden of history, all on paper. Sculptures of paper. Paintings on paper, with three-dimensional paper frames. Wallpaper. Be immersed in basic wonder. There is more to this world than the bad news.

The gallery is closed for the holidays from December 19 to January 3, so hurry up.

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