Everything About This Is Wonderful


amazing. it has it all. and that girl does NOT want to be there.
What tickles me about this this year was Anne Murray tweeting about this. I love Hetty's sideways glance "you ARE singing, aren't you? Because no 'Love's Baby Soft' stocking stuffer for you if you don't!"
Just look at the ENTHUSIASM in those eyes!
Merna's obviously being held captive by these people. She signals with her eyes at about 1:40. I must go rescue her! She will be my new bride!

Bonus "I have no idea how or even if this song ends" right at the very end.
Wait a minute. . . isn't the whole tell it on the mountain deal that it's good news? Joyful, etc? Hell I know an Atheist Choir that could rock this out with more genuine spirit! Pathetic. So sad.

Agreed, Fnarf, Merna is a hostage, poor thing. But she looks tough. And she looks like she's got a plan and she's waiting the moment to escape. Then she'll correct the spelling of her name, get a haircut and take off with wings.
Their faith is riveting.
Oh wow...somehow I missed this episode of Tim & Eric.
they both look miserable!!!
@7 HA! I thought it could've been a T&E skit too the first time the camera panned off into nothingness for no reason,.