At 7:00 p.m., Eli Sanders, Cienna Madrid, and I will be live-Slogging the long-overdue debate at City Hall over the merits of a proposed deep-bore tunnel. We'll embed video, too, so you can watch along from home.

In the anti tunnel corner will be Mayor Mike McGinn, Seattle City Council member Mike O’Brien, and People’s Waterfront Coalition director Cary Moon. In the pro-tunnel camp, there will be State Senator Ed Murray (D-43), Seattle City Council Member Tom Rasmussen, and King County Labor Council Executive Secretary David Freiboth. The event is sponsored by PubliCola, which has more information here.

While it's great that these sides are going head to head—after the pro-tunnel sides refused offers from the Seattle Channel last summer and again in November—it's too bad that officials from the Washington State Department of Transportation still refuse to show up. They know the ins and outs of the project—not just the politics of it—that would provide a needed counterbalance to wealth of information about the technical aspects held by panelists like Moon, the leading advocate for a surface/transit alternative, and O'Brien.